Cleaner Coastal Catchments

Cleaner Coastal Catchments is a Surfers Against Sewage initiative, developed for the Porth and Ilfracombe communities, guiding them towards improved water quality.

The Cleaner Coastal Catchments initiative will help deliver improved water quality by rolling out simple solutions across communities, businesses and organisations.  Together these groups will pledge to adopt small changes in their everyday activities, delivering large improvements in the catchments water quality.



Without intervention these beaches are predicted to fail European water quality standards.
This will result in permanent signage being displayed warning the public against using the sea and could even cause the beach to be de-designated as a bathing water, compromising further investment.


Cleaner Coastal Catchments aim is to raise awareness about how large the Coastal Catchments are and how small changes you can make will help the local Beaches.


  • A water catchment is an area of land through which water from any form of precipitation (such as rain, melting snow or ice) drains into a body of water (such as a river, lake or reservoir, or even into underground water supplies – 'groundwater').

    “What is a Catchment?”
  • You can help by pledging to the Cleaner Coastal Catchment solutions (follow the 'take the pledge' links).

    “How can I help clean up my Catchment?”
  • Cleaner Coastal Catchments are essential for improving bathing water quality at the beach.  Every action that takes place in a catchment has the potential to impact coastal bathing waters.  If we have clean catchments we will have better bathing water quality for everyone to enjoy.

    “Why are ‘Cleaner Coastal Catchments’ important?”

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